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We provide comprehensive air conditioning and ventilation solutions for residential homes and small commercial buildings across Auckland. Our selection predominantly features premium brands such as Daikin, offering a range of products including Daikin Heat Pumps, Ducted Systems, and Ventilation systems.

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Known for its innovation, reliability and commitment to sustainability, Daikin is a leader in efficient heating and cooling solutions. Whether you want a comfortable indoor climate for your home or improved energy efficiency and air quality for your business, Daikin offers a range of top-tier products to meet your needs.

At Air Conditioning Group, we are proud to be an accredited installer and retailer of Daikin products. Our team of specialists can help you find the perfect heating and cooling solutions for your home, business or project. With our expertise and personalised approach, trust us to guide you through selecting and installing the ideal Daikin heat pump for your space.

From consultation to installation and beyond, enjoy the confidence of working with a company that combines global brand expertise with local knowledge and personalised service. Talk to us today about your Daikin heat pump needs, and experience superior performance, energy savings and environmentally friendly technology.


The built-in Wi-Fi module allows seamless connection to Daikin’s Mobile Controller, offering a smartphone interface conveniently integrated within the indoor unit casing.

Moreover, the system features Daikin Streamer Technology, which effectively diminishes the presence of indoor contaminants like pollen, bacteria, and mould, ensuring a healthier environment within the home.

Daikin new Cora heat pump

Standard Series

Perfect for individuals seeking a unit that fulfils basic requirements, the Daikin New Standard Series provides dependable performance for both heating and cooling needs in your home. With essential features and a wide range of capacities available, there’s a model to suit your comfort needs, regardless of the size of your space.

Daikin new standard heat pump

New Cora

Bringing daily comfort to your home, the latest Daikin Cora series boasts enhanced energy efficiency, ultra-quiet operation, and advanced odour elimination technology for effective climate control and improved air quality.

The redesigned front panel of the new Cora showcases a stylish matte crystal finish, adding a touch of elegance that effortlessly complements contemporary bedrooms or living spaces. Elevate your home environment with the Daikin Cora.

Daikin new Cora heat pump

Zena Vogue

Engineered in Europe using cutting-edge technology, the Daikin Zena Vogue boasts a sleek and sophisticated design that effortlessly blends with contemporary home decor. It provides a premium solution for climate control, ensuring comfort throughout the year.

Daikin’s newly developed ultra-quiet fan is designed to operate efficiently within limited space. It delivers optimal airflow and exceptional performance while emitting minimal noise. This stylish unit is available in Hairline White or Black Wood finishes, offering both elegance and functionality.

Daikin Zena Vogue Black heat pump


Introducing the Daikin floor-standing Heat Pump – a stylishly crafted unit that operates quietly, conserves energy, and delivers fresh air into your home. Not only does it purify the air, but it also ensures your comfort.

Daikin Perfera floor-standing heat pump

Daikin Ducted Heat Pumps

The Daikin Ducted Heat Pump offers subtle, yet effective, air conditioning comfort. Whether for a new home or customised to fit an existing one, it seamlessly integrates. After installation, only the controller, return air vents, and discharge grilles are visible indoors, maintaining a discreet appearance.

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