Why Choose Our Services?

Our philosophy is to provide quality air conditioning servicing and maintenance for air conditioning products in the Auckland region.

15+ Years of Experience

Our unparalleled years of experience have given us extensive knowledge in everything related to heating and cooling. From residential to commercial use cases, rest assured we help install the perfect unit for you.

5 Years Warranty

Don’t let your air conditioning fail you. Future-proof your system with our products and get up to 5 years of warranty. We’ll make sure that you’re always comfortable, no matter what the weather.

Free Consultation

Need help with your new heating or cooling system? Look no further! Whether it’s a heat pump or an aircon, we’ll install it for you. Talk to us for your free consultation.

Installation Services

We will provide a competitive quotation that will include all installation and electrical work which will be carried out by our qualified installers. All of our installation work is covered by a workmanship guarantee.

The equipment we supply will be covered by Parts and Labour Warranties of 1 to 5 years.

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Preventative Maintenance

Our air conditioning servicing and heat pump cleaning services help prevent small problems from becoming large expensive ones. With your heating and air conditioning system working perfectly, you’ll enjoy a steady interior temperature all year round.

We recommend High Wall Split Systems are serviced every 12 months and Ducted Heat Pump Systems before each summer and winter season to ensure they are running optimally when they are needed most.

New Builds

If you’re building a new home, now is the perfect time to think about your heating and air conditioning needs because we can work with your project manager to install your heat pump during the build process. Doing this allows any ducting, piping and heat pump units to be installed as your home is being built – it becomes part of the process, allowing you to move straight in and enjoy a comfortable temperature all year round.

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We Are A Daikin Accredited Installer & Retailer