Founded over a century ago, Panasonic is at the forefront of the heat pump industry. From ultra-quiet home models to comprehensive HVAC systems for large properties, they offer tailored solutions for everyone.

Panasonic is the go-to choice in New Zealand for a reason. They understand what Kiwis value most: cost-effective, eco-friendly heating and cooling that integrates seamlessly into any space. Homeowners in Auckland can rely on Panasonic heat pumps for year-round comfort, delivering warmth in winter and cooling in summer.

At Air Conditioning Group, we’re proud to be your Panasonic heat pump specialists. Our expertise and commitment to personalised service mean we understand your unique requirements and can recommend the perfect Panasonic heat pump products for your situation.

Whether you aim to enhance indoor comfort, maximise energy efficiency, or reduce your environmental footprint, Air Conditioning Group and Panasonic make it easy. Trust in our expertise and let us help you create the perfect indoor environment. 

Panasonic Z Aero Series

The Panasonic Aero series offers tailored solutions for every household. The latest Aero series comes in a compact design, making it simpler to install in confined areas. Additionally, it features built-in WIFI control for added convenience, allowing you to manage your air conditioner remotely, even when you’re not at home.

Panasonic aero series heat pump

Panasonic Developer Series

The Panasonic RZ air conditioners are designed to be compact in size, minimalist with matt finishing, enabling them to be easily fitted and seamlessly harmonised with any interior

Panasonic developer series heat pump

Panasonic Premier Series Floor Console

Stylish and discreet design.

Only 207mm deep, the Panasonic Floor Console system is the perfect match for your interior design, without sacrificing your space or comfort.

Panasonic floor console

Panasonic Ducted Systems

Sleek and Space-Saving Design, the Panasonic Slim-line ducted unit stands at just 250mm in height. This industry-leading height facilitates straightforward installation in small ceiling spaces.

Panasonic Air Conditioning systems boast the most compact and inconspicuous outdoor units on the market. Despite their impressively small size, these outdoor units deliver powerful performance and have been cleverly designed to fit into even the most restricted spaces.

Panasonic Slim ducted

Reliable and longer lasting heating and cooling solutions

Air conditioning Group offer a wide range of domestic and commercial projects across the Auckland region.

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