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We design and supply a range of heating and ducted heat pump solutions to perform better in New Zealand conditions – energy efficient, more reliable, and longer lasting.

We design and supply a range of heating and ducted air conditioner solutions to perform better in New Zealand conditions – energy efficient, more reliable, and longer lasting.

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Reliable And Longer Lasting Heating And Cooling Solutions

Air conditioning Group offer a wide range of domestic and commercial projects across the Auckland region.

If you are looking for a heating and cooling solution for your home, but don’t know where to start, our experts are here to help.

Any air conditioning system is only as good as the installer who installs it, and we have an industry leading team who has installed everything.

Air conditioning Group is experienced in servicing and repairing all major brands of heat pumps in the Auckland region.

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Cooling and Heating Systems We Install

Heat Pumps

Keep your home snug during chilly days with our range of premium heat pumps. Whether you prefer wall-mounted units, floor consoles, or multi-split systems, we offer the finest heating solutions available on the market. Say goodbye to cold winter nights and welcome cosy warmth for you and your loved ones. Discover the ideal heat pump for your requirements – it’s free!

Ducted Heating Systems

If you require a central heating or cooling system, we specialise in designing and installing Ducted Heating Systems for various settings. Whether it’s for an office, a commercial building, or a residential property, we boast years of expertise in designing and installing ducted air conditioning systems that are both energy-efficient and reliable. As suppliers of renowned brands like Daikin and Mitsubishi and Panasonic, we’re among the most trusted providers of ducted air conditioning units in Auckland. Reach out to us today for a complimentary consultation and discover a cost-effective solution for your heating and cooling requirements.

Home Ventilation Systems

The best way to get healthier and more comfortable air at home is by investing in a good ventilation system. It reduces moisture and filters outside air to prevent airborne illnesses from contaminating your interior. If health is a priority in your home due to some special reason, then you most definitely need to install this system in your home. Condition the air around your loved ones, and get healthy and pure living inside your home. We are your professional ventilation system builder in Auckland, contact us now.

Get an Affordable Heat Pump Unit with Air Conditioning Group

Throughout the year, Auckland experiences varying temperatures, making it advantageous for residents and businesses alike to invest in a reliable heat pump unit. By opting for top-tier brands such as Panasonic, Daikin and Mitsubishi offered by Air Conditioning Group, you can ensure consistent comfort in any season. Whether it’s keeping warm during chilly winters or maintaining a comfortable indoor environment during milder months, a cost-effective heat pump unit provides numerous benefits beyond temperature control:

Better Air Quality
Reduce High Humidity
Decrease Work Stress
Prevent Mould Growth
Prevent Unwanted Odours

At Air Conditioning Group, we have a mission of bringing better air to New Zealand homes and increasing the quality of life for our customers. Our product lineups are not only affordable but you are also assured of long-lasting and quality air conditioning that comes from the best brands in New Zealand and globally. Contact us by calling 0800 224 123 to get customised solutions.

Partner Brands

As one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning and heating products in New Zealand, Daikin has been a staple in homes across New Zealand. Being in the heating and cooling industry for more than 45 years, the brand has delivered comfort to each Kiwi home. They design clean, efficient and superior products that are sure to last.

Mitsubishi heat pumps offer exceptional energy efficiency and cutting-edge technology to keep your home comfortable year-round. With advanced inverter technology and smart controls, Mitsubishi heat pump systems deliver reliable performance and significant energy savings. Designed with sleek aesthetics and available in various colours, Mitsubishi heat pumps seamlessly integrate into any home decor. Experience the perfect blend of style, convenience, and efficiency with Mitsubishi’s top-rated heat pump solutions.

Panasonic Air Conditioning logo

For over a century, Panasonic’s diverse product range, system and services have captured the interest of New Zealand households and businesses. Designed to benefit the lives of New Zealanders, their heating and cooling solutions have been changing the lives of people all around the country.

Installation and Maintenance Services

At Air Conditioning Group, we make installing and servicing air conditioning systems easy and hassle-free. Our certified technicians handle everything from evaluating your space to ensure the best system placement to managing all aspects of installation, including ductwork and electrical connections. We offer customised solutions for all types of systems, whether you need a split system, ducted system, or multi-room unit. Our commitment doesn’t end at installation—we provide regular maintenance and prompt repairs. Choose us for our experienced team, excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and comprehensive support. Contact us today to get started!.