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Explore the accomplished projects at Air Conditioning Group, your top choice for professional air conditioning services in Auckland. Our showcase illustrates our unwavering dedication to superior workmanship and quality service.

We design and supply a range of heating and ducted air conditioner solutions to perform better in New Zealand conditions – energy efficient, more reliable, and longer lasting.

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Discover the scope of our air conditioning solutions, spanning from residential air conditioning installations to commercial HVAC system upgrades. Each project reaffirms our commitment to optimizing climate control, promoting energy efficiency, and enhancing your comfort.

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Partner Brands

As one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning and heating products in New Zealand, Daikin has been a staple in homes across New Zealand. Being in the heating and cooling industry for more than 45 years, the brand has delivered comfort to each Kiwi home. They design clean, efficient and superior products that are sure to last.

Mitsubishi heat pumps offer exceptional energy efficiency and cutting-edge technology to keep your home comfortable year-round. With advanced inverter technology and smart controls, Mitsubishi heat pump systems deliver reliable performance and significant energy savings. Designed with sleek aesthetics and available in various colours, Mitsubishi heat pumps seamlessly integrate into any home decor. Experience the perfect blend of style, convenience, and efficiency with Mitsubishi’s top-rated heat pump solutions.

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For over a century, Panasonic’s diverse product range, system and services have captured the interest of New Zealand households and businesses. Designed to benefit the lives of New Zealanders, their heating and cooling solutions have been changing the lives of people all around the country.

Installation and Maintenance Services

Mitsubishi has cemented its position as a leader in heating and refrigeration over the past 41 years. Developing products that suit the New Zealand climate, Mitsubishi air conditioning is one of the more reliable brands in the New Zealand market. Just like how Mitsubishi delivered VCR’s to New Zealanders in the ’90s, they are committed to bringing high-quality products with their top-notch and market-leading technologies.

Don’t let your system break on the hottest of weather and the coldest of winter! Remember to regularly schedule a check-up with a local air conditioning service company such as Air Conditioning Group. We recommend having your air-con checked and cleaned at least twice a year to ensure seamless operation throughout the year. Regular maintenance also helps extend the total operational life of your unit.

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