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We install and supply a range of affordable and cost-efficient heat pumps that have the best performance especially for New Zealand conditions – energy efficient, more reliable, and longer lasting.

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Fast & Reliable Heat Pump Installation Services in Auckland

Our unparalleled years of experience have given us extensive knowledge in everything related to heating and cooling. From residential to commercial use cases, rest assured we will install the perfect unit for you.

15+ Years of Experience

Our unparalleled years of experience have given us extensive knowledge in everything related to heating and cooling. From residential to commercial use cases, rest assured we help install the perfect unit for you.

5 Years Warranty

Future-proof your system with our products and get up to 5 years of warranty. We’ll make sure that you’re always comfortable, no matter what the weather. Don’t let your air conditioning fail you again.

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Need help with your new heating or cooling system? Look no further! Whether it’s a heat pump installation auckland or an aircon, we’ll install it for you. Talk to us for your free consultation.

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An End To End Solution

We offer complete air conditioning and ventilation solutions for all types and sizes of residential houses and light commercial buildings throughout the Auckland region.

An air conditioning system is only as good as the installer who installs it, and we have an industry leading team that install everything from standard homes to shops and offices, medical centres, rest homes, schools, child care centres, hotels, laboratories and multi-level apartment buildings.

We provide competitive quotations that will include all installations and electrical work which will be carried out by our qualified installers. All of our installations are covered by a workmanship guarantee. We install multi split systems, floor mounted units, cassette units and full ducted heating systems. The equipment we supply will be covered by parts and labour warranties of 1 to 5 years.


Light Commercial

Air Conditioning Group offers supply and installation of commercial HVAC systems, from simple high wall units in an office space to multi-level apartments, hotel buildings, childcare centres, schools, restaurants, halls and warehouses.

Our estimation and installation team is ready to assist you with your next project.

On completion we can provide a PS3, on going quarterly servicing and 12A to comply with the building WOF.

Cooling and Heating Systems We Install

Heat Pumps

Warm your home on cold days with our top of the line heat pumps. From wall-mounted heat pumps, floor consoles or multi-split systems, get the best heating system in the market installed in your home. No more cold and chilly winter nights, just warm and cosy air for you and everyone in your house. We will let you know the perfect heat pump for your needs, click on the button below or contact us – it’s free!

More about Heat Pumps…

Ducted Heating Systems

If you need a centralized heating or cooling system, we are experts in designing and installing Ducted Heating Systems for any application. Be it an office, a commercial building or a residential home, we have years of experience building energy-efficient and longer-lasting air conditioning systems. We are one of the most trusted air conditioning suppliers in Auckland. Contact us today for free and get a cost-effective solution for your heating and cooling needs.

Ventilation Systems

The best way to get healthier and more comfortable air at home is by investing in a good ventilation system. It reduces moisture and filters outside air to prevent airborne illnesses from contaminating your interior. If health is a priority in your home then you most definitely need to install this system in your home. Ventilation systems provide you with purer air which ultimately leads to healthier living standards. We are your ventilation system experts in Auckland, contact us now.

Why You Need an Expert Heat Pump Installer

While it is true that professional heat pump installation cost can increase the total upfront payment to set up a heat pump in your NZ home or office, the long-term benefits and savings outweigh and offset the elevated initial investment:

  • Correct Sizing. Getting a heat pump sized correctly is a necessary obstacle between you and your comfort. If your heat pump is sized incorrectly, it could suffer from short cycling and eventually break down much sooner than anticipated. This requires measuring equipment that only a professional knows how to use.

  • Increased Efficiency. When a professional sets up your heat pump, they have the know-how to set it up so that it’s as efficient as possible. There are plenty of industry tips and tricks that let us install heat pumps better than amateurs. These might not seem like much, but when they all add up, they can become major points of savings for homeowners on a budget.

  • Making Sure it Works. This might not seem like an important point of professional installation services, but we stay to make sure that your system works because we’re not in this business to pull a fast one. When you’re happy, we’re happy. You’re always going to get a system that works.

  • System Warranty. Many heat pumps require installation to be performed by a licensed technician, otherwise, the warranty could be voided right out of the gate. Don’t set yourself up for failure, make sure you get your heat pump installed by the best technicians you can get.

Heat Pump Installation Cost

The winter in New Zealand can get into dreadfully shivering temperatures, that’s why every Kiwi should have a Heat Pump Unit installed not only in their homes but also in their workplace.

At Air Conditioning Group, we have a mission of bringing warmth to New Zealand homes and increasing the quality of life of our customers. Our product lineups are not only affordable but you are also assured of long-lasting and quality heating solutions that come from the best brands in NZ and globally. Check out our partner brands below to know more about your options. Or you can directly contact us by calling 0800 224 123 to get customised solutions.

Partner Brands

As one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning and heating products in New Zealand, Daikin has been a staple in homes across New Zealand. Being in the heating and cooling industry for more than 45 years, the brand has delivered comfort to each Kiwi home. They design clean, efficient and superior products that are sure to last.

Mitsubishi has cemented its position as a leader in heating and refrigeration over the past 41 years. Developing products that suit the New Zealand climate, Mitsubishi air conditioning is one of the more reliable brands in the New Zealand market. Just like how Mitsubishi delivered VCR’s to New Zealanders in the ’90s, they are committed to bringing high-quality products with their top-notch and market-leading technologies.

For over a century, Panasonic’s diverse product range, system and services have captured the interest of New Zealand households and businesses. Designed to benefit the lives of New Zealanders, their heating and cooling solutions have been changing the lives of people all around the country.

Heat Pump Installation and Maintenance Services

We know air conditioning from top to bottom and we know that regular check-ups and maintenance can prevent small problems from ballooning into big and costly ones. Our company offers heat pump cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that everything is running smoothly and perfectly. 

Don’t let your system break on the coldest of winter! Remember to regularly schedule a check-up with a local heat pump maintenance company such as Air Conditioning Group. We recommend having your unit checked and cleaned at least twice a year to ensure seamless operation throughout. Regular maintenance also helps extend the total operational life of your unit. 

Talk to us today so that we can start taking care of your heating unit.

We Are A Daikin Accredited Installer & Retailer